Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vintage Ruffle Dress Refashion

When I spotted ruffles on the dress rack of our local Goodwill the other week I got excited. I headed over, hoping that the dress would be cute and in my size. I was disappointed when I spotted this instead:

With the vintage style and shoulder pads there was nothing to be excited about. Disappointed, I passed up the dress. A few weeks later I saw it still hanging there, unloved and unlovely. But those ruffles were calling my name, so, with an idea in my head, I tried it on and took it home to my sewing machine. It wasn't long enough for me to keep it as a dress, but I did think it wouldn't take much work to turn it into that adorable ruffly skirt I had been on the hunt for.
First, I made a cut straight across just below the sleeves.

I did not cut off what was meant to be the elastic drop waist. That would become the part to hold up the skirt around my hips (just a tad important). I then turned the garment inside out, folded over the fabric, pinned, and sewed two lines.
Since this part of the skirt won't be seen, I wasn't to worried about making things perfect, as you might be able to tell from the picture.
It really was as easy as one, two three. I don't even think it took an hour to do. I was thrilled with the finished project.
There you have it. A "new" totally cute ruffle skirt for only 5.00 and half an hour of time!

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