Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Free Videos From Michael Hyatt

Have you ever heard of Michael Hyatt? If not, then it is a privilege for me to be the first to tell you about him. He is not only a successful blogger (as of last count he has 372,898 followers) and speaker, but a best selling author as well. If you have never visited his website,, then I highly encourage you to do so. He has numerous posts that will encourage and motivate you to set goals and help you grow in personal development.
Right now he is offering three free videos on how to make 2014 your best year ever. I have watched all of them more than once, taking notes as I go, and then applied his advice to my own personal goals for this year. Sharing examples from his own life, he offers tips on setting smart goals to make this year your best.
I'm not sure how long these videos will be free, so I really hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.

(I am not receiving payment to promote Michael Hyatt or his materials in any way, just in case you were wondering!)

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