Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Time to Say No: Saying No to Perfect

One of my goals for this year is to make sure I really live, and not just survive from day to day. In order to do this there are going be some times I'm going to have to say no- no to people, and no to perfection. Let me explain.

Maybe you have both the time and desire to attend the ladies meeting at church. There will be great food and fellowship, so you have no trouble signing up. But then you get to thinking about that "great food" part.

Your schedule this week is jammed packed. When will you have time to contribute to all of that great food? 

Susie Homemaker will be at that meeting, with a perfectly decorated something or other. Everyone will rave at her creativity. 
Supermom will arrive with a delicious and complicated dish that took hours to prepare. Everyone will request her recipe.
Your sister-in-law will top everything off with something tasty, healthy, and organic. There will be praise all around.

So you can't just pick something up at the local bakery, as hubby suggests. That would be cheating, taking the easy way out. Instead, you have to pull out your most delicious and time consuming recipe. It has to be perfect.

And you can't say no to perfect.

So maybe you skip date night that week to achieve perfection. Or you skip out on some sleep and end up grouching at your family. 

And all for what? A few pats on the back by the local ladies who don't have to live with your grouchiness.

You break the budget (without telling your husband) for a new outfit and hair-do for the upcoming family reunion.

Martha is stopping by your house later, so you stress out and cancel everything else on your to do list to clean up. Everything has to look perfect.

You skip out on your prayer and devotion time to get ready for a double date with friends. The other couple is thin, trim, and fashionable- you can't stand the thought of looking "dumpy" next them.

You can't say no to perfect.

I've been there. Even tried to live there. 

But not this year. Will you join me? 

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