Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 FREE Things You Can Do For Your Husband

  1. Send him an e-card. There are several websites where you can get them for free.
  2. Make him a card. 
  3. Write him a love letter.
  4. Write something on a sticky note and place it in his car for him to discover in the morning.
  5. Send a text message, e-mail, or publicly acknowledge him on Facebook.
  6. Leave a message of love on his voice mail.
  7. Bake a favorite desert, wrap it up, and give it to him as a gift.
  8. Surprise him at work (make sure you are all dressed up!) with lunch or something else.
  9. Write him a silly song, poem, or list of reasons why you love him.
  10. If there is a task he really hates doing, do it for him. If you have been putting something off that he wants done, do it!
There are multitudes of other ideas all over the Internet. A great resource is Pinterest- just as long as you don't get stuck pinning and not doing! I am guilty of this.

What are some other ideas that you have? Let me know below!

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