Saturday, February 22, 2014

15 Things in 15 Minutes

15 minutes does not sound like a lot of time, especially when you think about all that may need done around your house. You can't do everything in 15 minutes, but you may be able to do more than what you think! Here's a list of some things you can try to do. 
  1. Empty trash cans
  2. Wipe down bathroom counters
  3. Switch a load of laundry
  4. Put a new load of laundry in
  5. Wipe down kitchen counters
  6. Remove items that don't belong from a room
  7. Sweep the porch
  8. Sweep your kitchen
  9. Vacuum high traffic areas
  10. Spot mop the kitchen or foyer
  11. Disinfect light switches, knobs, or handles
  12. Make your bed
  13. Choose a room or two to dust
  14. Remove bad items from refrigerator
  15. Tackle the mail or other pile of papers
When you set your timer, make sure to focus on small tasks. Just remove your bathroom trash, wipe down the counter, and move to the next thing. Don't get distracted by everything else that might need done in the bathroom. If you clean the closet, only pick up stray shoes or clothing. Don't get caught up in purging. 

Do you have any other small tasks that can be accomplished in a short time? Let me know!

 If you would like to find some more tips on keeping your house clean, don't forget to check out my series "Confessions of a Clean Freak."

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