Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Stop Being a Clean Freak

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If you've been following my series, Confessions of a Clean Freak, then you already know my first two secrets:

- I am a clean freak (go figure).
- My house is not as clean as you think.

Here's my third, and final, confession:

I hate being a clean freak.

It's time consuming. Stressful. 

When I first got married, I couldn't leave the house with dirty dishes in my sink. Now, every once in awhile, I let them go until morning. I used to dust almost every day! Now, it's more like twice a month. Although I don't think I will ever be completely rid of the clean freak within me, at least I am making progress.

Do you want to stop being such a perfectionist when it comes to your home? Here's some advice I need to take myself!

  1. Compare yourself to others- Yes, you read that right. Start looking at the homes of your friends and family. There are dirty dishes, dirty laundry, and clutter. Most people with normal lives live this way. And they are happy. They are okay. Try being normal, whatever that may be!
  2. Don't compare yourself with others Remember, I have no kids. Less clutter, less crumbs. Some people work all the time. They are never home to make a mess. 
  3. Remember no one is judging. The most important people in your life are not looking at your dust. Even us clean freaks! I don't care if there's clutter on the counter, just as long as I don't have to be afraid to use your restroom! I compliment dinner, not complain about dirty dishes. Get jealous of the cute decor. Covet the furniture. 
  4. Don't forget what matters. At the end of your life, do you want to be remembered as a basket case and perfectionist? Be the mom who plays with her kids, not the mom who constantly yells for the toys to be picked up. The mom who loves having her daughter bake with her, and doesn't worry about the mess. The wife who doesn't nag about a towel on the floor. 
Are you a clean freak? Have you been trying to work on that area? Comment below!

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